Technology (Virtual Reality Audio and Video)

Channel 2 has always taken pride in its ability to think ahead of the game. The introduction of virtual reality (VR) technology into sports is going to change the average fan’s involvement and interaction in the game. The idea is to create a unique user experience that has never been seen before

Ex cricketers will explain the nuances of the game to their fans via VR.
A training academy via VR to train and coach fans/users in the comfort of their homes.
Fans can experience live commentary from the booth sharing the same space as the stalwarts.

Listening Closely
Channel 2 is using future technology to take user experience to the next level where ear piece radio allows users anywhere (both at the venue and outside) to seamlessly listen to audio (cricket commentary). It allows the user to enjoy the game within his/her space and comfort.

VR Academy
Virtual Reality (VR) is going to change the game as we know it and Channel 2 is at the center of it, bringing in the change. Cricket via VR will introduce a new web series where you can learn the tricks of the trade sitting in the comfort of your home. The show will have a guest cricketer who will explain the concepts of bowling, batting, and fielding along with other nuances of the game.