Broadcast Rights

1. Global Audio rights of ICC World Cup 2019

The live audio feed of cricket’s showpiece would be broadcast across the Sports Flashes App and Web platform, besides multiple other platforms including FM Radios, Mobile operators and Digital platforms around the world. The estimated reach of global audience would be more than 1 billion fans during the forthcoming World Cup from May-July, 2019.
2. EPL – English Premier League – Radio Rights for

a) Middle East
b) South Africa, Angola, Mozambique
c) Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda
d) India

3. ICC Events – Cricket Rights

a) Radio Broadcast Rights for Middle East until 2015 (Including 2011 World Cup in India)
b) Global Internet Rights until 2015 (including 2011 World cup in India)
c) Radio coverage via Internet & Mobile Telephone Systems for Middle East Region until 2015 (Including World Cup in India)
d) Radio Rights, Radio coverage via Internet & Mobile Telephone Systems for United States, Canada & Mexico until 2015 (Including World Cup in India)
e) Internet Streaming, Mobile Audio and 3G Global Rights excluding India until 2015
4. BCCI Series – Cricket Broadcast Rights for South Africa until March 2010

5. Channel 2 Group has obtained the following 3 Licenses from Broadcasting Council in Uganda thru Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC)

* Digital Terrestrial Pay Television/ Digital Free to Air vide License No. BC.0343
* Direct to Home Satellite Broadcasting vide License no. BC.0344
* Mobile Television in Uganda vide License no. BC.0354

6. Gaining Extra grounds

Progressive steady growth and purchase of new rights

Virtual Reality rights for exclusive content

Audio/Video rights for new events

New partnerships across digital platforms that can further the reach to other countries and other sports