Broadcast Pioneers

With a visionary approach to the entertainment world, especially Bollywood, Ajay Sethi entered this domain with the launch of Channel 729 on Ajman TV in 2003. Channel 729 was telecast for 4 years as a terrestrial channel. With the advance of satellite television, Mr. Sethi launched Channel 2 Entertainment in 2006, a joint venture with the Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) venturing into the digital space as well. Today, Channel 2 has extensive and exclusive terrestrial rights of audio and digital broadcast of sports, movies, and entertainment across different geographies.

Channel 729, The first Hindi terrestrial channel outside India. Mr Sethi launched 24hr free to air entertainment channel as a joint venture with Kenyan Broadcast Corporation (Government of Kenya) and beginning a venture into DVBT- Digital Video Broadcast Televion, Started a Pay TV platform in East Africa, jointly with national broadcasters. Channel 2 also held BCCI TV rights for the territory of Africa.

Channel 2 Movies and Entertainment, the entertainment arm of Channel 2,offers terrestrial services with a mix of latest entertainment from Hollywood and Bollywood. They were the first company to have an exclusive pay TV license and enter into a joint partnership with the Kenyan, Ugandan, and Tanzanian broadcasting corporations.